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Research Study Opportunity

This study is led by:

Dr. Pamela Wisniewski

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

University of Central Florida

We are conducting research on teens and young adults’ social media experiences from STIR Lab at the University of Central Florida. I believe that members of your organization may be interested in participating in our research study, and I would appreciate it if you could forward this email to them. By participating, your organization will be helping us design more effective interventions to provide safer online environment for teens.

Participants will be asked to complete surveys and provide their Instagram data. The data will be used for research purposes only and all personally identifiable information will remain confidential. Participating in the research takes about an hour, and all the tasks are carried out online.

Participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card for completing the study.

Here are the eligibility criteria to participate in this research study:

·        Teens and young adults between 13-21 years old.

·        Participants are based in the United States and are English speakers.

·        Participants need to have had an Instagram account for the time period specified below:

o  Under age 18: At least 3 months

o  Age 18: At least 2 year

o  Age 19: At least 3 years

o  Age 20: At least 4 years

o  Age 21: At least 5 years

·        Participants must have exchanged direct messages with at least 15 people.

·        Teens under 18 need parental consent to participate in this study.

·        Participants must have received at least five direct message conversations that made them or someone else feel uncomfortable or unsafe. An uncomfortable or unsafe interaction may include sexual messages, solicitations, pornography, harassment, hate speech, threat of violence, promotion of illegal activities, self-injury, or other situations that could potentially lead to emotional or physical harm.

Amherst YES 2019 Awardees

The following YES Members will receive an award for their service in 2019. You may pick up your award and certificate, at a later date to be announced. Congratulations, and thank you for your service!

YES Bronze (25-49 hours in 2019): 

Seth Altman, Caroline Brown, Noah Camacho, Flora Chen, Shail Dekhtawala, Dasang Dolma, Alex Fang, Danny Fei, Jenny Flick, Grace Flusky, Isabella Gu, Mingi Hong, Alexa Howland, Ellen Huang, Grace Hwang, Hannah Joseph*(AYC Combo Hours), Giorgi Kharchilava, Minchae Kim, Alex (Soonbeen)Kwon, Anish Lakshman* (AYC Combo Hours), Allison Li, Daren Liu, James Liu, Sarah Ludwig, Eric Ma, Nithyashree Madhan Santhapriya, Dania Mehani, Arnav Mohan*(AYC Combo Hours), Kalyani Nair, Leia Nandwani, Adhav Narayanan, Yugeun Park, Liwen Qin, Matthew Rubino, Medha Samala, Sylvia Scarlett, Pranav Setlur, Riddhi Shelat, Abbie Stellrecht, David Su, Deepti Subbiah, Daniella Sutherland, Zoey Tang, Anusha Thoudoju, Dhruvi Vapiwala, Madison Wang, Sophie Wang, Irene Wang, Yolanda Wang, Hannah Wei, Briana Willick, Ellia

Yang, April Yang, Kevin Yang, Richelle Yu, Maggie Zhai, Kate Zu

YES Silver (50-99 hours in 2019):

Sumedha Dondapati*, Michelle Huh*, Nikitha Kamath, Andrew Lin, Isabella Lin*, Prakriti Setlur, Puja Shah, Anirudh Sriram*, Joshua Stover*, Freda Su, Eileen Wang**, Leander Zhai**,

YES Gold (100+ hours in 2019):

Anand Menon***, Gouripriya Nadarajan***, Vikasini Nandhakumar***, Karen Zhai***  

   * The President’s Volunteer Service Bronze Award

** The President’s Volunteer Service Silver Award

*** The President’s volunteer Service Gold Award

Website Procedures

1. Enter web address:

2. Click on the Sign Up button. You will then enter your name, email address, and create a password.

3. Wait for administrator approval. Accounts are approved after a YES application has been completed, turned in, and processed.   

4. After your account is approved, you may sign up for your orientation and volunteer events. New members are required to attend a New Member Orientation, prior to volunteering at an event. 

5. When you choose your events, you will be limited to signing up for 3 events/waitlists. You may add another, after an event has passed. 

6. IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND AN EVENT YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR, YOU MUST REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THAT EVENT, MORE THAN 2 HOURS PRIOR. You must log onto the system to remove yourself. This is very important. By removing yourself, you will open up the spot for someone else. If you do not do so, it is considered a NO-SHOW. Three NO-SHOWS in one calendar year will result in dismissal from the program.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 631-7210 or at

Weather Cancellation Policy

If school or after school activities are closed due to inclement weather, our events will be canceled. In addition, if there is a driving ban, our events are canceled.

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