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A program of the Town of Amherst Youth and Recreation Department

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Updated Mask Policy 6/28/21

The current Mask Policy for the program is as follows. When you sign in for your assignment, you will be privately asked if you have been vaccinated. If you do not wish to share that information, you do not have to. 

Unvaccinated volunteers must wear a mask. If you are vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask. If you choose not to disclose your vaccination status, you will need to wear a mask.

-Each partner agency we help has its own rules. If they still are requiring a mask, we will adhere to their guidelines. So please bring a mask to all events, just in case.  

In addition, in whatever circumstance, if you wish to continue wearing a mask, that is your choice. No individual is to be discriminated against, if they choose to continue wearing a mask.  

Amherst YES Awardees 2020

The following YES members are receiving awards for their service in 2020

Bronze Award: Caroline Brown, Anna Conway, Karen Huang, Hannah Joseph*, Tiger Li, Isabella Lin, Anand Menon*, Kate Powell, Puja Shah, Shyam Sriram, Freda Su, Briana Willick

Silver Award: Ellen Huang, Leah Huang, Joseph McLean, Eileen Wang*

Gold Award: Anish Lakshman*, Yolanda Wang**

Lifetime Achievement Award: Freda Su for 508 total hours in the Amherst YES program

   * The President’s Volunteer Service Bronze Award

** The President’s Volunteer Service Silver Award

*** The President’s volunteer Service Gold Award

Website Procedures

1. Enter web address:

2. Click on the Sign Up button. You will then enter your name, email address, and create a password.

3. Wait for administrator approval. Accounts are approved after a YES application has been completed, turned in, and processed.   

4. After your account is approved, you may sign up for your orientation and volunteer events. New members are required to attend a New Member Orientation, prior to volunteering at an event. 

5. When you choose your events, you will be limited to signing up for 3 events/waitlists. You may add another, after an event has passed. 

6. IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND AN EVENT YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR, YOU MUST REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THAT EVENT, MORE THAN 2 HOURS PRIOR. You must log onto the system to remove yourself. This is very important. By removing yourself, you will open up the spot for someone else. If you do not do so, it is considered a NO-SHOW. Three NO-SHOWS in one calendar year will result in dismissal from the program.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 631-7210 or at

Weather Cancellation Policy

If school or after school activities are closed due to inclement weather, our events will be canceled. In addition, if there is a driving ban, our events are canceled.

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