Amherst YES (Youth Engaged in Service)

A program of the Town of Amherst Youth and Recreation Department

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Enrollment Procedures

To sign up for the YES program you must be between the ages of 12-20. You must either live in the Town of Amherst or to school within the Town boarders.

1. Enter web address:

2. Click on the Sign Up button. You will then enter your name, email address, and create a password.

3. Wait for administrator approval. Accounts are approved after a YES application has been completed, turned in, and processed.   

4. After your account is approved, you may sign up for the mandatory New Member Orientation.

5. When you choose your events, you will be limited to signing up for events/waitlists. The limit varies according to opportunity availability. You may add another, after an event has passed. 

6. IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND AN EVENT YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR, YOU MUST REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THAT EVENT, MORE THAN 2 HOURS PRIOR. You must log onto the system to remove yourself. This is very important. By removing yourself, you will open up the spot for someone else. If you do not do so, it is considered a NO-SHOW. Three NO-SHOWS in one calendar year will result in dismissal from the program.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 631-7210 or at

Amherst YES Awardees 2023

The following YES members are receiving awards for their service in 2023

Bronze Award: Jason Alexandridis, Caroline Brown, Snigdha Chakravarti, Ananya Chandra, Ashley Chi, Shiloh Dhasan, Samyuktha Dondapati, Moksh Gupta***, Ashmika Hait, Vivian Huang, Shane James, Abraham Joseph, Hannah Joseph, Jasmitha Keesara, Akshay Lakshman*, Justin Lee, Tiger Li*, Ian Lopes, Sreevidhya Madhan Santhapriya, Vedant Mohan**, Krishna Nandhakumar, Neel Nandwani, Krisha Naveen, Tim Park, Jeebana Prabaharan, Rajvi Singh Sardar, Gretchen Seward, Vikas Somisetty, Vishal Somisetty, Inno Song, Indraja Sujith***, Lakshmi Sujith, Sufia Tahir, Anusha Thoudoju, Parth Vijay, Chloe Viyannalage, Riley Viyannalage, Max Wang, Kunshi Yakkanti, Leander Zhai, Grace Zhang, Jessica Zhang, Angel Zheng, Emily Zhuang, Ethan Zhuang

Silver Award: Pranav Biju*, Matthew Fisher, Ethan Lin**, Jeebahy Prabaharan*, Maggie Zhai, Nicolo Zhai*

   * The President’s Volunteer Service Bronze Award

** The President’s Volunteer Service Silver Award

*** The President’s volunteer Service Gold Award

Some President's Awards are in combination with the Amherst Youth Consortium hours. The combo program awardees certificates, will be distributed by the program where the majority of hours took place.

YES Expectations

The Amherst Youth Engaged in Service program encourages young people to participate as individuals. All forms, requests, sign ups, and phone calls should be made by the youth member. We believe in fostering independence and responsibility, contributing to their overall development. If a student is unable to manage their own volunteerism, it is recommended that they wait to enroll.

We will always welcome questions by parents and guardians.

Weather Cancellation Policy

If school or after school activities are closed due to inclement weather, our events will be canceled. In addition, if there is a driving ban, our events are canceled.

Connect With Us

Northtown Center at Amherst, 1615 Amherst Manor Dr., Williamsville, NY 14221

Phone: (716)631-7210

Fax: (716)626-9087